Freequently Asked Questions


  • How can I customize a style? Isn’t that for experts?

    Who knows your style better than you? It’s a 1 minute job! Choose the category (shirt/ trouser) -> Select the product of your choice -> You can either buy the product as it is with default style options OR you can click on “Customize” button to design your own style in that fabric.

  • What if I only wish to design for now, but not buy?

    You can design as many styles as you like and simply click “SAVE” to store them for future reference. You can find all saved designs under “My Account” -> ”Saved Styles”

    But as we always say, great fabrics are always a customer favourites and thus go out of stock quickly. And why wait when you get a chance to own something as awesome as something designed by you!

  • Can I customize more than one products and buy in one order?

    Absolutely! Once you finish adding style elements to your product, click on “Add To Cart” and add measurements with the help of suitable measurement option, your product is now successfully added to cart and you can either complete order OR choose the option to “Add More Products” to your cart

  • Can I request a customization which I cannot see in the available options?

    We always strive to offer you an amazing array of styling options while customizing a product and keep adding more to it. However, if there is a specific requirement, do get in touch with us here and we will try our level best to make it happen!

  • How long does it take to make a custom Shirt/ Trouser/ Suit?

    Once your order is placed, we create and cut a pattern just for you referring your measurements and product design. That pattern is checked by our teams before fabric cutting starts. Once cut, each part of the product is stitched together, taking care of each of your customizations and special requests. The garments are checked six times throughout the process, and then packed and prepared for shipping to you. Each product is shipped within 2-3 days of receiving the order and is delivered at your doorstep within next 3-4 working days by our trusted courier partners.

    Each item is given an estimated delivery date while placing order, and you will be given a final estimated date during order confirmation call which is made after receiving your order, just to make sure everything is in order.

    We understand that some orders are extra special. If you need to have your order rushed by a certain date, such as a wedding or graduation, please contact us to arrange rush delivery.

  • Will I get the product exactly as I customized?

    Better! For shirts, suits and trousers, our customization panel shows you a virtual product in 3D and shows the real fabric in the best way possible, on it. However the texture, feel and the richness of the fabric & color combinations can be experienced once you receive your order. We bet our lives on it that it will be better than what you could see on the website!

  • What is the difference between made-to-measure and ready to wear?

    Ready-to-Wear clothes come in standard sizes which are meant to fit everybody and thus nobody in particular! Made-to-Measure tailoring concept will cut and stitch the products for you based on your body shape and actual measurements, thus delivering a much better and a perfect fit.

  • Where can I learn more about fabrics? What Kind of fabrics are sold on Stylior?

    We have an in-depth Fabric Guide for you, click Here to read more


  • How Do I Get Measured For A Shirt/ Trouser/ Suit?

    We have 2 options for you:

    • Quick Measurements :

      If you are short of time and/ or cannot give your full body measurements, this is the option for you. You simply have to enter 1 or 2 measurements, select a standard size and preferred fit to submit your measurements and move to checkout.

    • Body Measurements :

      We recommend this option as it gives us accurate measurements of your body and thus helps us deliver a better fit. You can create Body Measurement profile whenever you have time and use that while placing order next time. Go to, My Account -> My Measurements -> Create a profile; the profile gets saved in your account and the saved options are shown while placing order to save your time.

  • Will it be difficult for me to take my Body Measurements?

    Not at all. You only need to have a tape measure with you and a friend/ partner or even your mother ;) to help take the measurements. For every body part, we have video demonstrations which you can use to take your measurements accurately.


    You can visit a local tailor and note your body measurements. Knowing accurate measurements help in so many ways. You’d finally be able to wear clothes which look and feel like your second skin, which will not only be comfortable but will also drape your body smartly.

  • Can I send you my suit or shirt to be measured for me?

    Yes! You can send us your best fitting shirt/ suit if want us to replicate the same fit. Once shipped, send us an email at support@stylior.com with

  • I want to change the unique size on my current order, is this possible?

    It is possible during the order confirmation call which you’ll receive before we process your order. We not only verify your measurements but also let you know if our experts suggest that one of your measurements are found faulty. We also suggest better style options, wherever necessary. Orders are processed once you confirm if there are any changes.

  • I am not skinny like the models in the photos, will Stylior garments still fit me?

    Of course! Everything we make is made to fit you, irrespective of your size. If you are skinny or overweight, we highly recommend you to enter your Full Body Measurements while placing order so that we can do justice to your body type and deliver perfectly fitting outfit.

  • Can I manage multiple measurements from one account?

    You can create multiple measurement profiles under your account with different fit types that we offer: Slim fit, Tailored fit, Regular fit (our loosest fit) and choose to order different products with different fit type. How amazing is that! Click Here to start now.

  • Is there an extra fabric charge for large suits?

    There are absolutely no extra charge for larger garments. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the luxury of owning a bespoke shirt, trouser and suit!

  • Can you create or customize men's shirts or suits for a younger clients or children?

    We can on special requests. Get in touch with us Here

  • What are the differences between your fit options? Which one is right for me?

    Refer our fit guide Here

  • Can you copy the fit of an existing suit that I have?

    Absolutely yes! You can send us your best fitting suit and we will recreate the fit for all your orders.

  • Can you guys make clothes for bigger guys?

    We make clothes for everyone, as no matter what your size is, you deserve only the best. Simply add accurate measurements while placing order and get clothes with perfect fit.

  • What I ordered doesn’t seem to fit right, what should I do?

    Not to worry. Contact us Here and you’ll get a call back from our style experts. We offer alteration, remake or refund wherever applicable. To know more, click Here


  • How can I pay for my order?

    We offer multiple payment options, Accept payments of most of the currencies across the world and smart & secure payment gateway.

    You can pay for your order using

    6 Types Of Credit Cards
    53+ Net Banking Options
    98+ Types Of Debit Cards
    6 Types Of ATM Cards
    12 Prepaid Instruments such as Paytm wallet, Freecharge Wallet, ItzCash, MobiWiki Wallet, Oxigen Wallet etc.

  • How can I trust that my credit card transaction is safe?

    All payments are processed by RBI authorized payment gateways and ensure highest level of security and confidentiality. We will not ask or store your card or bank details in order to maintain security standard .

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    There no hidden/ added costs apart from the ones you see in your shopping cart while placing order: Product Price & Shipping Cost (if any)

  • Is there an extra charge for tall or large men?

    There’s no extra cost for tall or large men. Everything is available at the displayed price irrespective of your size.

  • Can I get an update on the status of my order?

    You will get timely updates on the status of your order via email. We would also request a feedback upon delivery, which will help us to improve, do better and deliver great services to you going forward.


  • How long will it take to get product delivery?

    All orders are delivered within 10 working days. However, in case of environmental or accidental obstacles there could be delays which will be out of our control. We will communicate these issues with you, if they occur.

  • How will you deliver my order?

    We deliver your orders to your doorstep with the help of our trusted courier partners across the globe. You can order from anywhere in the world at your convenient time!

  • What countries does Stylior ship to?

    We ship to all major countries in the world. To know more click Here

  • Are there any taxes or customs duties that I need to pay?

    All products are shipped as non-commercial goods which avoids custom duties. However, if there are any, Stylior takes care of it all.

  • I want to change my shipping address. How do I do this?

    You can change shipping address of an order BEFORE it is shipped. Simply contact us Here and we’ll do the needful. If you simply wish to update your addresses for ease of use before placing any order, go to My Account -> Addresses and update/ add new shipping address.

  • What if the product doesn’t fit me?

    We’ve got you covered under our Return Policy. We will help you get your outfit altered / remake it for you if necessary. Read more about it Here

  • What is Stylior's return policy?

    We strive to provide you products that will fit you like a dream and adhere high quality standards in terms of fabric and craftsmanship. However, if you still received a product which you are not entirely happy about, get in touch with us and our experts will take you through the return process. We can only accept the product in it's original condition. You need to contact us within 15 days of delivery to register a complain, read more about it Here